High functional plaster 'MP Powder®'

Fine pores smaller than common diatomite, larger than common charcoal. This plaster is made from "meso-pore diatomite" featuring fine pores suitable for humidity conditioning.

Meso-pore diatomite delivers "health","energy-saving" and "safety" to all buildings and makes your daily life more refreshing and comfortable.

Power of MP Powder®

Vapor generated from living activities

MP Powder®?

General wall materials

MP Powder absorbs or desorbs humidity

Excellent humidity conditioning function of meso‐pore diatomite

Size of fine pores of diatomite is different depending on production areas or other factors. The main component of MP Powder® is "meso-pore" diatomite. The size of its fine pores is 2-50 nanometer. It is smaller than that of common diatomite (macro pore), but larger than common charcoal (micro pore).

Meso-pore diatomite has the best humidity conditioning function to keep the humidity at 40-70%, the level which people feel comfortable.

MP Powder® Common diatomite Common charcoal

MP Powder®

It has an excellent absorption/desorption function that absorbs extra humidity and desorbs it when the air is dry, based on the humidity of 40‐70%, the level which people feel comfortable.

Common diatomite

Both absorption and desorption functions are less powerful. It is difficult to change indoor humidity and odor dramatically.

Common charcoal


The absorption function absorbing humidity and odor is powerful but the desorption function is small. It is not suitable for dry spaces.

MP Powder® makes living environment healthy and comfortable through functions such as humidity conditioning and deodorizing, contributing to creating maintenance‐free, livable houses.

Mitigates heat and cold to save energy

The excellent humidity conditioning function not only keeps comfort but also contributes to energy‐saving in Japan which has four seasons. In Japan, the summer is hot and humid while the winter is low‐temperature and dry. Therefore, heating and cooling systems are essential. As a matter of fact, the "sensory temperature" which directly relates to whether or not people feel comfort is greatly affected by humidity.

When humidity becomes higher, people feel hotter. When humidity becomes lower, people feel colder. MP Powder® controls humidity comfortably and mitigates heat and cold, resulting in decreased use of heating and cooling systems and energy saving.

Protect secure, safety indoor environment

Purifies the air and makes people not care mold, ticks and odor

MP Powder® controls condensation through the excellent humidity conditioning function and suppresses mold. This can also suppress ticks eating mold. Furthermore, the product absorbs daily odors filling in the space as well as humidity. It controls annoying odor such as odor after meals or pet smell.

Absorbs harmful substances and purifies the air

It absorbs harmful volatile chemicals and purifies the indoor air. It maintains healthy and comfortable living environment and keeps it secure for small children.

Flameproof, secure nature

Diatomite is an inorganic mineral as same as the soil and rocks and is non‐flammable. Its feature is fireproof in case of fires.

Only four earth‐friendly, natural materials used as raw materials

MP Powder® is made from all natural materials. They are not only people‐friendly components but also "zero waste (*)" materials returned to the natural environment after their use. A non‐conventional blend technology can create a sufficient adhesive power just only by glue made from natural materials, achieving strong surface strength.

Main component
Meso‐pore diatomite
It can reproduce traditional thick earth walls in a few millimeter thickness.
Diatomite is a fossil of phytoplankton (alga). It has numerous nano‐size fine pores. Meso‐pore diatomite is a special kind of diatomite with 2‐50 nm distinctive fine pores and has an excellent humidity conditioning nature.
Color coordination
White earth
White earth is volcanic ash. It is used to make the color of MP Powder® white. This natural material is used in the world of pottery.
Crack prevention
Cellulose fibers
Cellulose fibers are wood fibers (used paper). They are used to prevent cracks and serve as warasusa (straw fibers) used in earth walls.
Fixation supplement
Edible glue
It is edible starch glue. It helps fixation while making application easier.

* Zero waste
This is the concept of reducing environmental burdens without burning wastes and taking efforts to cut them to zero as much as possible through recycling or composting before disposal.

Easy application suitable for every scene

MP Powder® can be applied to various types of walls easily. It can be used for every space in every building including houses.
*It is impossible to use the powder for places where massive water is poured such as outdoor walls and in bathrooms.

  • The powder can be applied directly on base of plaster boards *1/li>
  • The powder can be applied on vinyl‐cloth *2
  • It does not become efflorescence even in the winter

*1 Joint treatment is required
*2 Tucker stoppage and sealer treatment are required.

We offer multiple different lineups "L Series","M Series" and "H Series." You can choose colors you like.

"L Series"

"M Series"

"H Series"

Developmental background of MP Powder®

It is important for homes, called as the third skin, to be healthy for human and buildings. But, it can hardly be said that current well‐sealed houses are healthy ones because of indoor air pollution and moisture damage.

Under the concept "materials healthy to human and houses are the very things friendly to the earth environment," paying a special attention to harmful chemicals, high functions, recyclable natures and "zero waste" returned to the earth at the time of disposal, we developed the high functional plaster "MP Powder®."

Learned from Japanese traditional construction technology as well as adopting modern nanotechnology, the "meso‐pore diatomite" plaster was developed. It brings a high level of comfort to houses and buildings in Japan. With our confidence, we recommend MP Powder®.

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