High functional antimicrobial interior material

Photocatalyst titanium apatite + diatomite. This antimicrobial interior material blocks mold and virus, and absorbs and decomposes virus, harmful substances and bad odor.

Using "photocatalyst titanium apatite" co-developed by Tokyo University and FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD! More innovative "high functional antimicrobial interior material" than ever before comes into the world.

Powers of Flash Clean®

Flash Clean

Flash Clean

General wall materials

Flash Clean


Provides an excellent air purifying function through photocatalyst titanium apatite + diatomite

Photocatalyst titanium apatite

An antimicrobial substance decomposing virus, bacteria, pollens and others


A humidity conditioning substance absorbing and controlling humidity and odor

With the combination of the two powers, the interior material making rooms clean like air purifiers is created!

No air purifiers anymore!? The secrets…

Photocatalyst titanium apatite decomposes virus, bacteria and causes of bad odor into water and carbon dioxide by "photo energy." Diatomite has an excellent adsorptive power and absorbs humidity in the air as well as harmful substances powerfully. With the combination of the two powers, Flash Clean absorbs and decomposes harmful substances without electricity. On walls and ceilings, it cleans and purifies the indoor air all day and night without any maintenance.

What is photocatalyst titanium apatite?

Researched and developed by the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology and FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD, this new (patented) substance can
(1) Absorb virus and bacteria stably, and
(2) Decompose absorbed substances quickly.

What is titanium apatite?
By mixing titanium into "calcium hydroxyapatite" contained in human`s bones and teeth, one of calcium is replaced by titanium, generating "titanium apatite."

What is photocatalyst?
By exposure of a substance to sunlight and fluorescent light, a strong oxidative power is generated on the surface of this substance. It adds the nature decomposing and removing harmful substances such as bacteria and organic compounds to the substance. Self-cleaning glasses, paint and air conditioner filters are examples of applications of the photocatalytic nature.

Removes 99.9% of virus, harmful substances and bad odor

Influenza, Escherichia coli, harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde causing bad odor…. Substances harmful to human prevail in the air. The high functional plaster "Flash Clean®" keeps the air clean and optimizes humidity all night and day without electricity. It makes the space comfortable and healthy for people from babies to the elderly.

Proof data

Proof data of titanium apatite



Proof data of Flash Clean


Powerful effect of high functional diatomite

The high functional diatomite our company develops and manufactures is made from all natural materials. Photocatalyst titanium apatite is also a natural material derived from "calcium hydroxyapatite" composing human`s bones and teeth. No chemicals are contained. Furthermore, just only natural powers absorb, sterilize decompose harmful substances, and eliminate odor and condition humidity without electricity. Therefore, our diatomite is secure and comfortable even for babies. It supports family`s health and safety almost permanently.

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